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Alluvium Flood


Flood the board with a single color to win!
A remake of the classic flood-fill game with an explosive twist.

You have 22 flows to encircle walls, defuse bombs, capture gems, and get the flag before time runs out.

  • Replay each board to maximize your score! Can you find a better path this time?
  • Speed counts! The faster you go, the higher your score. Challenge your friends to beat your best score.
  • Beginner to Expert! Tackle each challenge separately, then combine for the maximum difficulty.
  • Multiplayer Duel over Bluetooth! Unique game mode: in a field of hidden tiles, race against your opponent to locate the gems, capture the most tiles and steal the flag.
  • In-game Achievements! Earn additional score bonuses.

Got a Toddler?

Need a few minutes of peace and quiet?

Activate toddler mode and sit for a spell as they explore the ever-changing game board reacting to their touch! Older kids love to challenge each others’ best score!

NOTE: Toddler mode disables menus and links, so your child won’t become frustrated or lost while enjoying Alluvium. You can permanently enable Toddler mode through the Settings App!

Casual Gaming at its Best!

A great casual game to pass the time in line, on the subway, or a quiet evening on the couch. Quick to play, Alluvium is a satisfying experience for all ages.

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Code: Bryan Turner
Art: David E. Frankel
Music: Aron Wayne
Sound: Aron Wayne, Charles Burkett