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Alluvium – Statistics!

14 Feb 2011

Man, I’m behind the times. High scores just aren’t good enough for today’s games.

I decided to model Alluvium’s statistics after Bejeweled, a popular casual puzzle game with similar target markets. This means keeping: score, time played, tiles captured, gems collected, bombs defused, goals captured, and a few more for each game.

Then aggregating these for the day, week, month, and totals over all-time. Of these, we also keep ‘best of’ – that’s the traditional high-score, the lowest flow count to clear the board, and fastest time to clear the board.

I’ll also keep statistics for ‘winning streaks’, as well as maintaining running averages which are used to derive difficulty settings in challenge mode (where you are playing against yourself).

Finally, we also keep per-color, per-flow, and per-second statistics to display pretty graphs after each game (none of which is coded yet, might be something to add in a later update?).

This level of detail is also needed to tie into Achievements and Leader Boards in Game Center. For example, this data would allow me to offer an achievement for clearing 42 red tiles, or maintaining an average of less than 20 flows to win for a week, etc..

That’s a lot of data!

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