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02 Mar 2012

Welcome to the re-launching of fractalscape.org!

fractalscape.org was registered on 22-Jan-2001 well over 10 years ago. It has been online continuously (more or less) as my personal web presence, usually hosted on my home PC or spare server.

The original incarnation was hosted by a custom-written HTTP server running a custom wiki web app, backed by a custom XML database engine. All of this because there was essentially no other choice! Wikis were pretty new, personal websites were still a novelty and the options for web servers and databases were neither secure nor easily administered. All told, the custom web stack was less than 20,000 lines of code – I doubt it’s even possible to meet todays standards with such a pittance of code!

As web hosting slowly became mainstream, I moved the site content to yahoo, google, and others. Eventually, I parked the site over my google pages while I decided what to do next.

Roll forward a house, marriage, two children, and multiple jobs.. I’ve taken up app programming as a hobby and will be using fractalscape.org as the landing page for my development log, app support, news/announcements, and general metalog.

I’d love to hear your comments about the site design, and content!

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